If I do cardio, why do I need to do resistance training to tone up?

Eating right and doing cardio are two key factors in trying to tone up. In order to tone up, you must begin by reducing your stored fat and burn more calories (energy) than you consume. However, when your body seeks energy to burn, it will find that energy stored in muscle and fat. This means that muscle can also be lost while trying to achieve the body fat reduction goal by performing only cardiorepiratory activities. Resistance training will help to minimize the loss of muscle by continuously providing the stimulus the muscle needs. If muscles are not used, they will reduce in size and start to be wasted, we call this muscle atrophy. By maintaining the muscle on your body, you will also be working to increase your metabolism. Metabolism is the amount of calories necessary to maintain your body. More muscle will mean more calories being burned during your body's regular functioning activities. By incorporating resistance training in with a weight loss program, you can work to minimize muscle loss, speed up metabolism, and achieve your goals of toning up much quicker.

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