What is the definition of a good relationship?

Lisa Oz
Health Education Specialist

Since the nature of our interactions with others pretty much determines the quality of our experience, it would seem to be in our best interest to make these relationships as good as possible. Of course, good is a relative term. Some of you might interpret this to mean that you should only hang out with the super pious.

To others, it could mean having friends who are loads of fun. However, that is not what I am talking about. I am sure you have people in your life who are naughty, or boring, or both. I certainly would not want you to cut them off. (Well, maybe just the boring ones.) What I mean by a good relationship is one that you approach consciously; where the participants behave in a manner congruent with their values. This type of relationship is based on kindness and compassion and is mutually beneficial and satisfying.

Incidentally, this is what we strive for, not only with our soul mate or favorite aunt, but also with our chief competition at work and the quasi-sadistic meter maid who writes up a ticket while you are searching the bottom of your purse for a quarter. Ideally, you should approach every encounter with a sense of presence and awareness. Note I said "ideally." Of course, it does not happen all the time (it certainly does not with me), but it is not an unreasonable goal, and is nothing new.

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