Do relationships change with time?

No relationship in your life will or should stay the same as time goes on.  One of the greatest gifts in life is that we continue to grow and evolve as the years go by.  To get a clearer insight of this, think about your relationship with your parent(s).  If your mom or dad still insisted on feeding you, burping you after meals, changing your diapers and insisting on a 7pm bedtime, it may just drive you crazy.  Because you've grown up (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) your relationships with those around you have been forced to change as well.  As you've grown into your own identity, others have no choice but to relate to you differently but likewise, you deal with them differently as well.  And that's a good thing.

I recall a time in college when I ran into my kindergarten teacher.  While I still called her Mrs. "X," how weird would it have been if she treated me like a snotty-nosed 5 year old and told me to take a nap or she would write my name on the board.  Our relationship had definitely changed and I rather enjoyed getting to know her as an adult.
Lisa Oz
Health Education

As material entities, you are delineated by time. God, being outside the confines of space or time, can exist infinitely, everywhere and always. We however, cannot. Who we are now is not who we were yesterday, or who we will be tomorrow. We are always changing, whether by choice or circumstance, from one moment to the next, thus living in a perpetual state of becoming.

Since we are not the same person over time, our relationships are more of a "work in progress" than a fixed entity. They are always in flux - shifting from one state to another, depending on where we are at a specific point in time. There is no such thing as "happily ever after. " This is the great myth that fairy tales perpetuate. Relationships do not reach a level and stay there indefinitely. We do not get married and live out the rest of our days in unmitigated bliss. Nor do we defeat the enemy (whether internal or external) and ensure everlasting peace. Our relationships can only be defined in the present - as what they are at this precise moment. In a year, a week, even an hour, we will be different, and so will our relationships be different.

Arlene Feuerberg-Isaacs
Relationships change with time.  Everything changes as time progresses.  The person you are today is different from who you were in the past because at any given moment you are the sum total of all your previous experiences.  Since a primary relationship, such as a marriage, is considered a separate entity, it too changes with time and acccumulated experiences.

Your challenge is to be aware of the changes and live in the now, instead of attempting to resurrect a past that can no longer be experienced.
Irwin Isaacs
Irwin Isaacs on behalf of MDLIVE

Everything, including any relationship, changes with the passage of time.  You are not the same person you were some years ago, and neither is your partner in a relationship. 


Therefore it is important to acknowledge and embrace the changes in your life, and the changes in your relationships.  Problems tend to arise when individuals fail to recognize the inevitability of change.


When relationship problems arise it is usually a very good idea to seek cousnseling froma professional who specializes in relationship isuues.

Renee Ross
Social Work
We cannot stop change. Change in relationships can be good and "yes" not so good. While we can't stop these changes we can learn to accept variety along with  constantancy  Relationships truly need both. Challenges that face relationships are the ability to tolerate what is not understood or desired or both. Negotiating these difficulties can bring relating to a new understanding only to realize the next change is right around the corner

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