What types of proteins should I choose to keep my heart healthy?

Anthony L. Komaroff, MD
Internal Medicine
Some protein sources are better than others when it comes to your heart. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that you eat other sources of protein, such as fish, skinless lean poultry, nuts, and legumes. Red meat and dairy products made from whole milk are high in saturated fat, which can boost your cholesterol.
Protein is an important element in a healthy diet. Unfortunately, many sources of protein -- such as red meat and pork -- are often high in saturated fat and cholesterol. But that doesn’t mean you can’t eat them. Just limit how much and how often, and learn to choose the leanest cuts. And make other heart-healthy animal or plant proteins a regular part of your diet. Examples of healthy animal proteins are fish and shellfish, poultry, and egg whites. Healthy plant proteins include beans, soy products, nuts, and seeds.

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