How can I prevent bacterial and yeast infections?

Ms. Ashley Koff, RD
Nutrition & Dietetics
Here's how you can help prevent bacterial and yeast infections:

1. I discuss hydration often and in the summer, when we swim, when we workout, when we play -- hydration (soo much more than 'just drink water') is key.

2. Good vs bad -- one way to keep the bad at bay is to make sure we have enough good guys …probiotics (good bacteria) and beneficial yeast (sacromyces boulardii) help limit the space available for the bad ones.

3. Hospitality -- to thrive, the good guys need a good home. Follow the tips for more alkaline choices and limit immune suppressors like sugar and alcohol (I said limit, it doesn't mean totally avoid unless that is you already have an infection in which case avoid).

4. Spice it up! Most spices have anti-microbial properties meaning they are nature's anti-biotics/anti-yeast/anti-fungals…suddenly the song lyrics "parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme" take on new meaning as they help prevent infections.

5. Seek medical attention: an infection does need to be treated and it is up to you and your choice of healthcare practitioner to decide what course of action to take.

6. Dress for success: try wick-away materials for workout clothes and stash a change of underwear in your gym bag; bring a sarong and a change of underwear to the beach and pop into a cabana for a change post-swimming; try to urinate as soon as possible after and wipe front-back following sex.

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