How can I grow as a person if I am a mother?

Mia Redrick

Hare five simple ways moms can help themselves to personally grow:

1. Take yourself on a date. A mom’s days are full of requests and demands from everyone. She needs regular dates when the only demands she hears are from her own mind. You can never grow if you don’t take a little bit of time to indulge your own interests now and then. Spend some time enjoying “me time” at your favorite bookstore or have lunch out with the girls one day. It can even be as simple as spending some quiet moments with your journal.

2. Plan ahead and let others help you. As moms, we often feel the need to be super women. We find a way to bake three dozen cupcakes for our child’s bake sale, work overtime to prepare for a presentation for work, and still have a perfectly cooked dinner on the table at 6 p.m. The problem is that it usually means that the things you need to get done, simply don’t get done. Each night, make it a point to plan for the next day. Prioritize what you need to get done and rank your to-dos in order of importance. Figure out how to delegate some of your tasks and ask your family to help you.

3. Write a self-affirmation statement that gives you power and repeat it to yourself every day. Remember that the things we focus on in life are the things that we enact. Writing a self-affirmation statement is one thing you can do to set yourself up for a successful way of life. It should affirm something you enjoy doing and set a goal for self-care. Identify two places where you will see your affirming statements several times per day.

4. Blend the things you need to do with your family activities. When you are choosing an activity for your child, ask yourself how you can care for yourself while caring for your children. Think about what you can bring with you while waiting in the carpool line. It might be a book on tape, your calendar or a puzzle book that will take your mind off of work. If you’ve been missing out on exercise, take your kids to the park and let them play while you take a walk or run around the park.

5. Set a personal goal for yourself and then make time to meet it. Growing is all about meeting our goals. Only you know what you truly want to do, although you may have forgotten exactly what it is. Spend some time getting to know yourself again and remember all the parts you gave up in order to be what you think of as the perfect mom. Once you realize what it is you’ve been missing, set a goal to accomplish it, and then put yourself to the task. 

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