How can I prevent my child from becoming a victim of sextortion?

Shawn Edgington
Predators that practice sextortion pressure their victims to give them sexually explicit photos and/or favors in exchange for their secrecy of previously obtained private information or for a promise to hold off on future violent acts.

What’s important about sextortion is that parents should teach their children:
  • Not to trust anyone they don’t know online,
  • Keep their profile private, even after they turn 18-years-old
  • Make sure they report any online contact they’ve received from online strangers who are asking for personal and/or creepy information.
Most importantly, teens and young adults need to understand that when they take these types of photographs… or if they turn “on” their web camera for strangers, the person on the receiving end can easily record, and spread the information anywhere they choose.

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