How could my child benefit from blogging?

Erik Fisher
The following are some benefits of blogging for children:

1. The Art of "Blogger-sation:" Blogs can be extremely useful in increasing your child's writing ability. In school your kids may often not feel as they want to express themselves, and blogs can be a very liberating format for written self-expression.

Do know however that blogs can also be used as a tool to avoid face-to-face communication. The more that we rely on communicating through computers, the more we risk decreasing our ability to interact with others directly in relationships. So encourage your kids to write, but also encourage them to talk to you.

2. Establishing Independence: This too has some pro and con to it also. Teens and kids react against controls, and blogging may be a way to assert their independence. Many teens are seeking places on the internet with fewer rules and regulations. Despite the best internet safeguards you put into place, some kids will rebel. Realize that you can contribute to this environment of control, or help change the way they view themselves and society.

Become a better guide to your kids, and less of their boss. Encouraging them to be a responsible blogger is a great step. Rather than tell your child what they can or can't do on a blog, help him or her to see all they are capable of: exploring their creativity, relaxing, releasing frustration, etc. -- all through the written word.

3. Teachable Moments: As a parent, you can use the blogging experience as a teaching and talking point. Since you can't always be there to manage your kids' choices, use their blogging as a way to help them express themselves responsibly. Take a look at some of the blogs out there with your kids. Look at informational blogs, educational blogs, and even the less "productive" blogs - i.e., personal rants. Talk about these with your kids and help them to understand the ins and outs of productive communication.

4. Join Forces: If you do blogging yourself, allow your child to take a look at what you write. This will help you become a model for internet accountability. Be willing to live by the same rules you ask your kids to live by.

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