What are some natural remedies for removing parasites?

There are quite a few natural methods for removing parasites. One of the most effective antiparasite treatments is the neem tree. Neem has been used as an antiparasitic treatment for thousands of years in India. Neem can be taken in capsule form or as tea. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take neem because it is an abortive herb and can be toxic to small children. One of the advantages of neem is that it not only kills the parasites, but also removes the toxins they leave behind as they are dying. Neem also supports proper liver function, so it helps the liver recover from being overworked from the parasite infection. Because neem is such a potent herb, the exact dose should be determined with the help of a healthcare provider.

Papaya seeds are also another natural method for removing parasites. Here is a tasty antiparasitic smoothie you can make as you rid your body of these nasty organisms:

Take the seeds from an average size papaya and grind them in your blender. Next, add a tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil. Then add about a cup of coconut milk and the rest of the papaya. Finally, top it off with some organic honey and blend until smooth. Drink the smoothie each morning for at least seven consecutive days.

Since killing off parasites often results in a release of toxins into your bloodstream and colon, it is a good idea to take another herb to help remove the toxins. Triphala is a natural herbal supplement that supports digestion and the immune system and helps your body detox. It is available in pill form. Typically, two to four tablets at bedtime are sufficient for most people during a parasite cleanse.

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