What are some holistic treatments for knee pain?

The following complementary approaches may help alleviate knee pain.

Relaxation techniques:
You may feel tense, stressed and anxious as you try to protect your knees from extra strain. Unfortunately, these emotions only make pain worse and tense up the muscles that support your knee. The solution? Try a few of the following mind-body techniques:

  • relaxation therapies
  • meditation
  • exercise
  • yoga and tai chi
  • aromatherapy

Hands-on approaches:
Finally, here are two pill-free, hands-on methods of pain relief to try:

  • Massage helps relax tense muscles and reduces lower-back pain. Ask your massage therapist for the gentlest kind of massage and to steer clear of overly tender or inflamed joints. Learn how massage therapy can block pain, ease stress and boost happiness.
  • Acupuncture may ease lower-back pain and improve pain and function in arthritic knees.

Whatever complementary pain-management practices you try, talk to your doctor first. Your doctor can refer you to qualified practitioners and tell you how to safely combine alternative therapies with your current treatment plan.

Peggy Brill
Physical Therapy

Some holistic treatments for knee pain include the use of arnica gel or calming balms, and regularly icing the knee to lessen inflammation and soothe pain. Watch as physical therapist Peggy Brill discusses a few natural treatments for knee pain.

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