What is an artificial pacemaker?

An artificial pacemaker is an electronic device that is implanted in the body to monitor heart rate and rhythm. It gives the heart electrical stimulation when it does not beat normally. It runs on batteries and has long, thin wires that connect it to the heart. Also called cardiac pacemaker and pacemaker.

Douglas E. Severance, MD
Family Medicine
An artificial pacemaker is a device that's surgically implanted near your left collarbone. This artificial pacemaker takes the place of your heart's normal sinus node, or natural pacemaker. The artificial pacemaker then triggers electrical impulses that activate your regular heartbeat. The surgical procedure to implant the artificial pacemaker takes from around 30 minutes to one hour. If all goes as scheduled, you may be released to go home within a few hours after the procedure. Sometimes people need to be inpatient in the hospital a few days after getting an artificial pacemaker. The pacemaker battery normally lasts for a decade to 15 years, but your doctor will check it regularly to make sure it is working as it should.

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