How do I know if transplantation is the right treatment for me?

Transplantation can allow people to live healthy and happy lives. However, transplant is not the best treatment option for everyone.

An organ transplant is an operation that places a healthy organ from another person into your body. The organ can come from people who have died (deceased donors) and have signed their state's donor registry or told their family of their wishes to become a donor. Kidney, kidney-pancreas, pancreas, heart, heart-lung, lung, liver and intestine are all organs able to be transplanted from a deceased donor.

Kidneys may also come from a living donor. This person may be a relative, spouse, friend or even someone who wishes to donate a kidney to anyone in need of a transplant. Living donors can also donate part of a lung, liver, intestine or pancreas, but these types of surgeries are not as common as living kidney donation.

Transplant is a treatment option, not a cure, but you can live a long, productive life if you follow a healthy lifestyle including eating a healthy diet, exercising, and by knowing your individual limitations.

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