Why have my elderly parents become stubborn and uncooperative?

Maureen Q. Russell, MPH, RN
Geriatric Medicine

Sometimes, behaviors WE may consider "stubborn and uncooperative" would be described by our elders as an assertion of their independence. The looming question: is the elder making decisions that place them at risk of harm? Even if the answer is "yes", as long as the elder retains the capacity to make their own decisions - they retain the right to do so. This is true whether we like those decisions or not.

It can be hard, as loving family & friends, to resist the impulse to rush in with advice and assistance. Certainly, we do need to be on "stand by" - we will be needed soon enough. If there is a question about an elder's mental capacity, an evaluation by a good health care provider with geriatric experience is in order. But just as our young adults have a right to test their wings - move away from home, run up a charge card (and learn to pay it off), fall madly in love and get their hearts broken... c'est la vie. Living our lives is why we're here. Our "stubborn and uncooperative" elders know that, and are hanging on to every bit. Feisty works!

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