How can I protect my testicles from injury?

As every guy knows, the penis and testicles are not very well protected from the vagaries of life. If the testicles didn't have to be cooled to below body temperature for maximum efficiency, nature surely would have tucked them up inside the body somewhere safe and sound, the way a woman's ovaries are. But, no … we have to deal with the fact that our crucibles for our genetic legacy are, literally, swinging in the wind and subject to injury from any number of sources.

Here are a few ways to help protect yourself: 
  • Wear a jock strap or hard cup during contact sports
  • Buy a bicycle seat that has a groove or cut-out area down the center to reduce pressure on the nerves and arteries feeding the penis and scrotum
  • Wear a seat belt (one lesser-known source of testicular injury is car accidents)

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