What is borderline lupus?

Borderline lupus, which can also be known as unspecified connective tissue disease, or probable lupus, or latent lupus, would define a patient who may have a positive ANA without a DNA or Smith antibody (blood tests used to diagnose lupus), who has arthralgias rather than arthritis, a brain fog or memory loss, and no biopsy proof of an organ showing immunofluorescent staining consistent with lupus. This is very heterogeneous.
Borderline lupus probably refers to the diagnosis being made at an early stage of the disease. Your physician is the best person to explain what borderline lupus means in relation to you and your symptoms.
Suhail Kumar, MD

Borderline lupus may be considered for patients with symptoms or initial blood tests suggesting lupus but without enough to make a definitive diagnosis.  The screening blood test is the ANA (anti-nuclear antibody).

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