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What is the MELD Scoring System?

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  • The MELD Scoring System (Model End-Stage Liver Disease) was developed by UNOS – the United Network for Organ Sharing – that makes transplant rules for the nation to follow. This system uses blood tests to calculate how sick a person is. The score is based three blood test results: serum creatinine (kidney function), serum bilirubin (liver damage), and INR (clotting). It is important to get your blood tests done on schedule because the results indicate your MELD score - which range from 6 (less ill) to 40 (gravely ill) and your place on the waiting list.For a small number of liver patients on the list, there are conditions where these blood tests do not tell how sick they are. Some special liver conditions such as a liver cancer may receive additional points. Consideration for transplant based on scoring varies from hospital to hospital, but a score in the low to mid 20‘s is probably typical.The list of patients and scoring can change daily: Some patients get better for a while and their scores go down, while others get sicker and their scores rise. Some patients drop off the list and new people are added.

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