Can I drink goat's milk if I'm lactose intolerant?

Many years ago goat's milk was one of the few milk substitutes that could be used for infants or children with cow's milk allergies. We know today that people with cow's milk allergies will react also to goat's milk. So there are better substitutes then goat's milk for individual who do not tolerate cow's milk. Goat's milk also contains lactose and therefore someone who has true lactose intolerance would not do well on goat's milk.
There is slightly less lactose in goat's milk, 9 grams per cup compared to 12 grams in cow's milk. If you are lactose intolerant and would like to try goat's milk, start with a small serving with meals. The protein in goat's milk is similar to that of cow's milk. For that reason, people with milk allergies are advised to avoid goat's milk, too.

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