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What causes a breech birth?

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    There are lots of explanations why your baby might be in breech position (head up) before delivery, including structural limitations in your uterus and carrying multiples (so there's no room to flip). Another reason: Slower development of the inner ear or inadequate blood supply to the brain that can hinder balance.

    Doing certain exercises while you're pregnant may help prevent a breech birth.
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    A breech birth is when the baby is positioned to come out feet or butt first. In this video, I will explain how malformations of the uterus can relate to this condition, as well as the baby's movement.
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    A breech presentation is when the fetus is coming "butt first". There are numerous reasons for a breech presentation, but the most common cause is an abnormality in the uterus or in a patient's pelvis. Also, it is very common for multiple pregnancies to have one of the fetuses be in the breech presentation. There are numerous exercises that can be performed that will help to deter breech presentations as well as there are some chiropractic maneuvers that can help relax the pelvis and relax the muscles in the pelvic girdle that can allow a breech fetus to turn towards a vertex (head down) position.
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