Impact Of Nicotine Addiction On The Body

Does smoking negatively impact my sense of smell?

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  • A , Internal Medicine, answered
    You betcha. That is why many smokers are thin. They cannot taste or smell anything so food does not taste good.
  • Smoking irritates the nasal passages, often causing inflammation that affects a person’s sense of smell. Smokers of cigarettes containing menthol may also find it affects their sense of smell.
  • A , Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease), answered
    Studies show that smokers lose some of their ability to smell. That can make life a lot less pleasurable. If you lose your sense of smell, you can't appreciate the scent of spring flowers or an ocean breeze. Eating becomes a lot less rewarding too, since aroma contributes a great deal to the flavor of food. Life could even become more dangerous, since you may be less able to detect the odor of a gas leak or a house fire. There is some good news, however: Quit smoking and your sense of smell quickly returns.
  • Yes, very much so!  In fact, many smokers who quit are surprised by how much more noticeable odors are (good and bad), and how much better food tastes (taste is greatly influenced by smell).
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