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How does smoking affect fetal and infant eye health?

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  • Studies have also shown a strong association between smoking during pregnancy and the risk of invasive meningitis during early childhood. The risk of bacterial meningitis is five times higher among children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy. In addition to other severe health problems, childhood meningitis can cause inflammation of the cornea and pink eye.
    Smoking during pregnancy is also associated with low birth weight and premature birth. Also, oxygen therapy given to sustain the lives of premature infants can cause retinopathy of prematurity, leading to permanent vision loss or blindness.
    There are resources to help you quit smoking
    There are numerous community organizations committed to helping people quit smoking. The American Cancer Society (ACS) offers smoking cessation classes around the United States. Contact ACS at 800.ACS.2345 or online at www.cancer.org to find a chapter near you.
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How does smoking affect the eyes?