How does chamomile work to reduce stomach distress?

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Chamomile is rich in certain essential oils that are especially beneficial to the digestive system. Its ability to ease digestive distress, as well as underlying stress and tension that are perhaps the cause of the issue, make Chamomile an effective remedy for both stress and digestion. Chamomile works on secondary nerves and muscles, and thus indirectly relaxes the whole body. When the physical body is at ease, the mind and heart follow.

Chamomile soothes the walls of the intestines, easing sudden sharp and intense pains, and eliminating gas. Because it relaxes and tones the nervous system, it is especially valuable when anxiety and tension produce digestive symptoms, such as gas, colic pains, or even ulcers.  It’s mildly bitter qualities help stimulate liver function, increasing the secretion of bile – a substance that the body naturally makes which aids the digestive process, aiding the elimination of toxins through the liver and breaking down fats in the small intestine.  It can calm inflammation, such as gastritis, and help prevent ulcers. 

A cup of hot chamomile tea is a simple, effective way to relieve digestive distress.  It is best steeped and covered for 10 to 15 minutes.  This ensures that you get the most benefit from your tea!

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