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The percentage of U.S. adults who use alternative therapies

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Use alternative therapies to ease a range of health conditions, including pain, stress, and sleep problems. 

The Keys to a Healthier Lifestyle Beat Stress with Music and Massage 6 Self-Help Remedies for Insomnia Is Your Alternative Medicine Safe? 7-Step Chronic Pain Relief Plan

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Must-Know Facts

Must-Know Facts

Rules for Buying Herbal Supplements

Many substances labeled as "natural" can also be strong medicines. See expert advice on what you should consider before you buy.

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Smart Tips

Smart Tips

Ways to Boost Your Immunity -- Naturally

There's no shortage of natural ways to help your immune system work better, say our experts. Read on to see their top picks.

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Boost Energy in 11 Steps

Before you reach for the big Cs to snap out of your sluggishness (you know . . . cookies, candy, carbs, and caffeine concoctions), we've got an 11-step plan to pep you up.

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