8 Healthy New Year’s Gift Ideas

Want to bring a little good cheer into a friend's life for various occasions scattered over the New Year? (Not a bad resolution.) Here's our list of eight healthy gift ideas that will make everyone happier (including you, ‘cause giving is a great feeling).

  1. ½ pound walnuts. Eating 12 halves of walnuts daily may increase lifespan 20%! And munching six halves 30 minutes before mealtime is an effective way to control appetite. Walnuts can keep your arteries clear, too.
  2. ½ pound dark (70% cacao) chocolate. One ounce daily may cut heart attack and stroke risk 30% while preventing some cancers. And, oh yeah, it tastes great! Related: Find out how chocolate can help you lose weight.
  3. 1 lb. coffee = 320 ounces of java.. Your daily dose of coffee (3 cups) can cut stroke risk by 30% and may help prevent some cancers, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes. 
  4. 1 bottle of wine. Provides 5-7 glasses; one-a-day for women, two for men. Boosts good HDL and reduces lousy LDL -- keeping everything from the brain to sexual functions up and running.
  5. Garlic goodies. Garlic-infused olive oil and a garlic press deliver an immune-boosting, heart-healthy flavor! Garlic can also help keep your joints healthy.
  6. Jump rope, pedometer, and exercise bands. Nothing relieves stress, lowers heart disease risk, and protects against diabetes like exercise; cool “toys” are a great incentive to get going!
  7. Lavender aromatherapy oil. Give the gift of sleep; sniff the scent for 20 minutes before bedtime -- sweet dreams!
  8. Thank-you notes. Expressing gratitude improves everyone's happiness quotient.