What are the treatment options for an epigastric hernia?

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  • What are the treatment options for an epigastric hernia?
    Epigastric hernias in children will not heal on their own and must be surgically repaired. In this video, Bethany Slater, MD, of Rocky Mountain Pediatric Surgery, explains an epigastric hernia and how it is repaired with minimally invasive surgery.
  • An epigastric hernia is treated with surgery to repair the opening in the abdomen wall that runs between the breastbone and naval. Most epigastric hernia surgery can be scheduled; emergency surgery is rare. There are two types of hernia surgery - herniorrhaphy (one long incision) and laparoscopy (several small incisions). Having more than one epigastric hernia or severe symptoms can influence which surgery is used to treat your hernia.

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