How do I manage my epigastric hernia on a daily basis?

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  • Fortunately, most epigastric hernias are not painful. There are several ways to manage an epigastric hernia that is uncomfortable as well as lower your risk of the hernia growing larger or painful, including:

    • Avoiding lifting heavy objects or learning to lift heavy objects correctly, especially if lifting and physical work is part of your work day.
    • Eating balance meals throughout the day instead of a few large meals. Loading up on fiber-rich foods to prevent constipation, and drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
    • Talking to your doctor about how to treat a chronic cough or sneezing due to an allergy.
    • Quitting smoking.

    Remember that an epigastric hernia can affect you emotional and mental as well as physically. Seeking support from friends and family is a good way to address your symptoms and concerns.

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