How can I avoid teeth stains?

There are some foods you can avoid to help reduce tooth stain. These include foods with dark pigments, as they have the greatest potential to stain teeth. Teas, coffee and red wine have high stain potential. Of course, smoking and chewing tobaccos may be the worst tooth staining offenders and they are known to be serious health risks.

Drinking things with a straw can help to minimize staining. However, when not drinking with a straw try keeping the drink on your tongue and not on your teeth. Sipping water in between will also help to minimize staining. Rinsing your mouth with water shortly after can also help to reduce the staining. Brushing your teeth about 30mins after consumption will also help to reduce the staining. 


You can avoid developing stains on your teeth by brushing your teeth after every meal, rinsing your mouth with water after having wine or coffee, and getting regular teeth cleanings. Intrinsic stains, which are caused by damage to a nerve or blood vessel in the tooth, can sometimes be avoided by having root canal treatment before the tooth has a chance to decay and darken.
Jonathan B. Levine, DMD
To avoid teeth stains:
  • Have a glass of water nearby when you're drinking wine or coffee. After every few sips, take one sip of the water and swish it around in your mouth. That will help keep the staining pigments from lingering.
  • Whenever possible, brush your teeth soon after a meal if any of its components was staining.
  • Give extra attention to the areas between your teeth; that's where stains tend to secure themselves and build up over time.
  • Never skip bedtime brushing after a staining meal. You've already allowed ample time for the pigments to make themselves at home. Waiting until the next morning is as good as putting a finishing topcoat over the stains.
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