How can I improve my overall health?

If you’re looking for inspiration to improve your health, consider trying out options such as meditation meet-ups, wellness trackers and functional fitness. Talk with your doctor before starting or changing your fitness program, especially if you have an underlying medical condition.
  • Meditation meet-ups. Meditation meet-ups are replacing cocktail hour for networking events. You can search for a meditation meet-up near you to boost your career and develop a healthy mindset at the same time. Meditation may help you reduce stress, contributing to your overall wellness.
  • Outdoor exercise. Increasing numbers of people are expected to take their workouts away from the gym and into the park, nature trails and other outdoor venues. Enjoying the great outdoors while you exercise is one way to stay motivated and prevent boredom in your workout routine.
  • Wellness trackers. Online wellness tracker programs may help motivate you to adhere to an exercise program and they can help you track your weight. Some wellness apps even track your sleep, while others measure your daily movements.
  • Functional fitness. Functional fitness refers to training your body to manage situations that you might encounter in your daily life, and it can inspire gym enthusiasts. In terms of preventive medicine, functional fitness is about much more than exercising to reduce your risk of chronic diseases and manage your weight. It may also help you prevent debilitating injuries. 
In general, you can improve your overall physical health by eating healthy foods (fruits, vegetables and lean meats), decreasing the amount of sugary foods and drinks in your diet, exercising regularly (at least 30 minutes five times a week, elevating your heart rate) and by taking any prescribed medication appropriately for any chronic health condition you may have. As for improving your emotional health and well-being, make sure you take time out for yourself and try to engage in activities you enjoy.

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