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Learn which vaccines your baby needs at each age
The percentage of all SIDS deaths that occur before 6 months of age
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Healthy Baby Action Plans

Bringing home a newborn can be a scary experience. Use these plans to handle those early weeks like a parenting pro.

Breastfeeding How-To Using an Infant Car Seat Safely 14 Must-Haves for Your Diaper Bag Getting a Newborn to Sleep Best Way to Talk to Your Baby

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Worst Things to Say to a New Parent

Some advice can be helpful, other advice ... not so much. You may mean well, but there are some things that are better left unsaid. 

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Good Finger Foods for Babies

Self-feeding allows babies to sample new tastes and textures, and helps develop their fine-motor skills. These finger foods are a great way to start.

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Caring for Baby's Skin in Winter

Winter is tough on anyone’s skin -- but especially so on the delicate skin of our munchkins. Here’s how to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy.

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