What is a heart hospital?

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A heart hospital is a hospital that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. It can be a free-standing hospital or it can be a section of a large hospital that is designated as a heart hospital. Whether it is free-standing or incorporated into a section of the larger hospital it specializes only in the diagnosis and treatment of  heart disease. The nurses and doctors that work in these areas receive special training in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.  
A heart hospital is a hospital that specializes in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. The hospital may perform cardiovascular procedures exclusively or also provide emergency care and other services to patients.
Heart hospitals can treat cardiovascular disease anywhere along the spectrum of care - using treatments ranging from the less invasive (lifestyle changes, medication) to somewhat more invasive (balloon angioplasty, stenting) to most invasive (bypass surgery). Your cardiologist at a heart hospital will assess the level of severity of your cardiovascular disease and recommend appropriate life-saving treatments.

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