Is a Migraine in the Forecast?

Is a Migraine in the Forecast?

High humidity provokes bad hair days, but what about headaches?

If you're migraine-prone, you might want to check the weather report and keep pain meds close at hand on hot, muggy days. Here are a few other weather conditions to watch for.

If you get migraines, your body's sensitive not only to what's going on inside you (like stress, hormone fluctuations, fatigue, nutrient levels) but also to what's happening around you (like bright lights, strong odors, and -- for 50 percent of migraine sufferers -- the weather).

Migraine-inducing weather may take the form of hot and humid days for some people, while others suffer during cold, dry conditions. Sudden changes in the weather or the barometric pressure can bring on the pain, too. So grab your meds whenever your local weatherperson predicts changes are afoot in the forecast.

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