What should my child do to recover from a concussion?

The key to proper recovery from a concussion is rest and removal from sports and physical activity. Some exercises that your child will be asked to perform as a part of a concussion rehabilitation program might include balancing exercises such as standing on one leg with the eyes closed and walking heel-to-toe. Memory is an important factor in concussion recovery, so your child will likely be asked to perform several tasks that will test his or her memory skills. When first beginning this rehabilitation protocol, your child will likely not perform well enough to be allowed to return to play. However, with proper rest and recovery, balancing skills and memory will improve.

When your child can perform as he or she did before the concussion and is no longer experiencing symptoms of the concussion, he or she should be reevaluated by a physician experienced with sport-related concussions. Once all signs and symptoms are completely resolved, the physician will determine if your child can begin a progressive return to activity over a period of time.

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