Genital Warts

Can I get genital warts again even if I've already had them once?

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    Just because you've had genital warts, it doesn't mean that you can't be re-infected. There are over 150 different types of HPV - the virus the causes genital warts. You may have had an infection with a certain strain of the virus and then get infected with another. Also, the virus may be dormant for a long time. So what may look like a new infection, may in fact me an old infection finally becoming clinically visible.
  • Having genital warts once doesn't make you immune from getting them again. In fact, even with treatment, the virus that causes genital warts never completely goes away. Because of this, a person may have several outbreaks of genital warts throughout their lives. It's common for genital warts to come back soon after treatment, usually within the first three months. Remember that it's important to practice safe sex by using a condom every time.

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