Are there alternative treatments for gallbladder cancer?

Diana Meeks
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Complementary and alternative medicine, often abbreviated to CAM, refers to treatments that are not part of the traditional medicine that is taught in medical and nursing schools. While chemotherapy and radiation are examples of traditional medicine, CAM may include vitamins, herbal supplements, exercise, and acupuncture. Nutrition is of particular importance in the management of gallbladder cancer as cancers of the biliary system may affect your ability to produce insulin or biliary salts. The inability to produce adequate biliary salts may result in difficulty digesting fats, causing bloating, indigestion, and weakness. You may need to take biliary salt supplements and follow a diabetic diet. Gallbladder and other biliary cancers may also lead to vitamin deficiency requiring supplementation. However, it is important to discuss the use of dietary supplements with your doctor as some supplements may interfere with cancer treatment. Anti oxidant compounds, for instance, may affect the efficacy of radiation or chemotherapy.

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