How can I strengthen weak foot arches?

The best way to strengthen arches is to exercise barefoot or wearing shoes with minimal arch support. Most modern athletic footwear has very well built up arch supports which can weaken the arches. By eliminating the arch support the muscles of the arch and bottom of the feet will be forced to support the arch and will strengthen.
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The feet are the foundation of any standing movement. Simply allowing your toes to move freely by wearing toe shoes, toe socks, or going barefoot, will help strengthen the many muscles and tendons of the foot and can improve your arches. Weighting the feet in a variety of ways can also improve arches. Start by rooting all four corners of your feet to the floor. Then shift your weight to the ball of the foot and come up to your toes. Shift your weight back to the heels now and lightly lift your toes. Making these movements a regular part of your practice will help to create a stronger foundation for the entire body.

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