Should I share my goals with other people?

Sharing goals with others is a personal preference. Sharing goals does help with accountability. If you are someone who performs better being held accountable, then it might be in your best interest to share your personal goals with a trusted friend or advisor. On the other hand, sharing can put pressure onto a situation that may already be too stressful. Use your best judgment, understanding the pros and cons of your decision, and be ready for the positive and negative consequences.
Darren Treasure, PhD
Sports Medicine
You should always write your goals down and leave them somewhere where you will see them. Making your goals public in this way means that you can’t choose to ignore or conveniently “forget” them. The simple act of seeing your goals will serve as a powerful cue or trigger that will help you stay on track with your behavioral change program. In the same way sharing your goals with other people can have a similar effect. I would recommend that you share your goals with those people who are supporting you in your change journey. If the people who truly care for you are aware of what you are striving for they can often help in motivating you towards achieving your goals.

Sharing your goals with your family, friends and peers can be a powerful motivational tool to push you through to goal accomplishment. Some people feed off of having their own personal cheerleaders, rooting them on through those difficult plateaus and temptations that can derail a fitness program. It always feels good to have positive reinforcement and support. And who knows, in the process maybe you will inspire others to take action!

To be fair, the “goal announcement” can be a double edged sword. If say you are going to change your unhealthy habits and commit to a healthier lifestyle, people will now be watching. In this case, people will take you as seriously as you take yourself. If this is your first foray into working out and sensible nutrition, you will undoubtedly have your peers support. However, if you do not deliver and keep to your “old ways” you will lose credibility.  Nobody appreciates a person talking about how they are “gonna hit the gym” in the morning while they are at the bar having a beer and cigarette at 3:00am.

So before you announce it, you better commit to it.


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