What questions should I ask during my first prenatal visit?

Patricia Geraghty, NP
Women's Health
The first prenatal visit is usually scheduled as a longer appointment in order to do a complete physical assessment and to give you the information you need to maximize the health of your pregnancy. Pregnancy health related questions include the following: What nutrition is best? Do I need prenatal vitamins? Are there any other supplements I should take? How much weight should I gain and what is the best pattern of weight gain? Are there foods considered unsafe during pregnancy? What physical activity level is best? Are there types of physical activity I should avoid? Is sex safe during pregnancy? What should I do if I develop an illness during the pregnancy? What medications are safe during pregnancy? Can I travel during the pregnancy?  Questions related to the health of your developing baby include: What genetic testing or screening should I do? Will I have ultrasounds (sonograms) of the baby? Finally, there are questions related to the management of your pregnancy and delivery. How often will I have an appointment during the pregnancy? Who will I see for routine appointments? Who will deliver my baby? Where will my baby be born? What do I do if I have a question between appointments? What do I do if I have a problem between appointments? Are there classes I should take during the pregnancy?

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