What should I do if someone catches on fire?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

If you or someone you love catches fire, do the following:

  • Stop, drop, and roll if it's you. If it's someone else, smother the flames
    with a wet towel if you have one, a dry one if not, and put the flames
  • Get them down if the person is panicking, you may need to use a leg
    sweep, but get the person on the ground and the fire out.

  • Call 911.

  • If you can, gently remove the burned clothing. If it is sticks to the skin,
    keep it cool and wet and leave it alone, then wrap the wounds in a
    clean sheet.

  • Watch for shock. If the person is uncommunicative, delirious, or looks
    pale, they may be in shock. Use blankets to warm them and elevate
    their legs to bring blood back to their head.

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