Fatty Liver Disease

Is there a cure for fatty liver disease?

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  • There are ways to reverse early fatty liver disease and to reduce the risk, but there is no proven cure. Once a patient is diagnosed with fatty liver disease, lifestyle changes are in order to try to reverse the disease and keep it from progressing to cirrhosis. The only proven therapy and the gold standard is weight loss. Patients are advised to adopt a low-fat diet and increase the amount of physical activity in their lives. And as with all liver diseases, they must abstain from consuming alcohol. Clinical trials have been conducted to assess the value of diabetes drugs (such as metformin and pioglitazone), but the results have not been conclusive.
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  • Fatty liver disease (FLD) does not have a single cure, but can be managed and often resolved through an appropriate treatment program. If FLD is the only problem (meaning that your condition has not developed into the latter stages of alcoholic liver disease), then simply abstaining from alcohol may be your cure. Additionally, managing your weight or participating in a weight loss program and beginning to eat a diet of nutritious foods can also help to reverse the effects of fatty liver disease. For people whose condition has progressed into the latter stages of alcoholic liver disease, liver damage may be more permanent, and other measures, up to and including liver transplant, may be necessary in order to treat the condition.

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