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What should I do if I get hit in the eye?

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  • Trauma to the eye can range from mild, not causing any bad side effects, to severe, threatening the health of the eye. If you are hit in the eye and are concerned that there may be damage, you should seek medical attention. Some of the symptoms of more serious eye injuries that require medical attention include: sudden decrease in or loss of vision, loss of field of vision, pain on movement of the eye, sensitivity to light, double vision, protrusion of the eyeball, light flashes or floaters, irregularly shaped pupil, sensation of something in your eye, red or inflamed eye, blood in the eye, and broken contact lenses or glasses. If you are hit in the eye and experience any of these symptoms, you should go to the nearest emergency room for further evaluation.
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  • If you've been hit in the eye, make sure that you don't have blurred or double vision and that you have not lost any vision. If you have any vision problems, see your doctor. As well, visit your doctor if the skin around the affected eye looks unusual or if you have blood in your eye. (This answer provided for NATA by the Southern Connecticut State University Athletic Training Education Program)
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