Does super slow training help with weight loss?

Research has not demonstrated that super slow training will contribute to weight loss; the research that has been conducted on super slow training has only looked at strength improvements. Super slow training, like other forms of resistance training, increases tension in the muscles and this tension forces the muscles to change in size and/or strength. Therefore, it would not be unrealistic to think that you could lose weight by combining super slow resistance training with a reduced-calorie nutrition plan and other forms of exercise such as cardiorespiratory activity.

Super-slow training is not the best way to attempt weight loss.  While super-slow training will use fat as the primary fuel for movement, the number of calories you'll be burning is so low that, in the end, you are not burning that much fat.  Also, you are not creating enough of a calorie deficit to lose weight.  Weight loss comes down to "calories in vs calories out".  You must burn more that you consume in order to lose weight.  Taking in excessively low calories is not a good option, since your body will respond to calorie deprivation by slowing the metabolism.  The best approach to weight loss is a sensible diet, complimented by a regular exercise routine.  Take care of your metabolism by assuring that you are providing your body with enough energy.  Keeping a food diary is helpful, as you'll get a very good idea of how many calories you're actually consuming.  Interval training provides the best way to utilize all of the energy systems of the body.  So, you'll be tapping into your fat stores for fuel, but you'll also be kicking up the intensity in order to burn a higher number of carbohydrates, as well as overall calories.  If you're new to fitness, you can even implement this sort of training into a walking program.  Pick your walk up to a slow run for 2-3 minutes, then walk again for as long as it takes for you to bring your heart rate back down.  Continue this pattern throughout your activity.  As you progress, extend the running time and try to shorten the recovery time.  Good luck with your weight loss goals!
Super slow training is a modality of training that I have read on.  While I don't personally use the super-slow techniques within my fitness programs it does provide a huge amount of stamina conditioning to the muscle as well as a significant calorie burn simply do to the fact that you have a very high volume of time under tension while utilizing those methods.  My answer then would be yes as long as you have a calorically restricted diet you can accelerate fat loss with that type of training.
Super slow training from my experience does not help promote weight loss but can help promote strength gains.  You just don't work hard enough to get your heart rate up to provide a high calorie burn to cause weight loss.  You will however fatigue the muscles faster because you are using more muscle fibers in your exercises.  So if you are looking for strength gains this would be great.  However for fat loss you would want to do a program that will increase your heart rate and calorie burn like interval training.

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