Should I do cardio if I am trying to increase muscle size?

As long as your caloric and resistance training recommendations are being met, you can still perform cardio training while trying to increase size. However, the amount of aerobic exercise you perform may need to be reduced. Assuming you are consuming the proper amount and types of calories to accommodate your cardio, muscle gain should not be affected. Performing cardio training can support your efforts in resistance training because it maximizes the ability of the cardiorespirtory system to supply or recover from all types of activity- including weight lifting. To maximize muscle growth be sure to consume an adequate amount of healthy calories and perform strength training exercises.

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How long should I run to increase my cardiovascular endurance?
You can run for 20-60 minutes per day, 5-7 days per week to increase cardiovascular endurance.
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Can weight lifting be considered cardio training?
Lifting weights in a circuit form will increase your cardiovascular endurance.
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Can weight training be used as a substitute for cardio training?
You can use weights to increase cardiovascular endurance by setting up your workout as a circuit.
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Do fartlek runs help build cardio endurance?
Farleks are considered interval training and will help to increase cardiovascular endurance.
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