Which exercises help increase bone mass?

Weight bearing exercises are extremely important to help you maintain bone mass. A sedentary lifestyle does not offer enough stress to your bones to remain strong. Examples of weight bearing exercises include walking, jogging, hiking, dancing, strength-training, and racquet and ball sports (e.g. tennis, racquetball, and basketball). Non-weight bearing exercises such as swimming and cycling may help strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles but they are not ideal exercises to strengthen your bones. Try these exercises to help maintain strong bones.

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Any strength training that is adding resistance (weight bearing) to the muscle and thus

the bone will help increase bone mass. This can be in the form of using your own body

weight as in a push-up, using circuit machines, free weights, long as you are

adding resistance (weight) that is more than the body is already used to.

Howard S. Smith
Pain Medicine
Weight-bearing exercises are crucial to increasing bone mass. This type of activity puts vertical force on the bones. This force creates mini-electrical currents that help to strengthen the bone being stressed. Excellent forms of weight-bearing exercises include aerobics, biking, dancing, jogging, racket sports, rowing, running, strength training, and walking.

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