Can emergency contraception protect me from STIs?

No. Emergency contraception can only lower the risk of becoming pregnant after having unprotected sex. Always use condoms to lower your risk of getting a STI.

This answer is based on the source infromation from the National Women's Health Information Center.

 Dr. Kathleen Handal, MD
Emergency Medicine
Sorry NO! Two separate issues-did the encounter cause a pregnancy and/or transfer a STD to you. Having sex even once without proper protection (condom) places you at risk for STDs. There are over 20 of them and they are epidemic-19 million new cases a year, 1 in 4 teenagers in our country! STDs are easily cured once detected. They need to be treated they do not go away on their own. Complications from loss of fertility (never being able to have children) to cancer can occur if left untreated. Pay attention to your body it's your responsibility! Contraception involves not becoming pregnant if a woman has had unprotected intercourse during the fertility portion of her cycle. Medication to avoid this does not effect wither or not you develop an STD from that same contact.

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