Is there a cure for dry mouth?

There is no cure for dry mouth; however, you can alleviate your symptoms by taking frequent small sips of water or by eating sugar-free candy or chewing gum to stimulate saliva flow. You can also ask your dentist to recommend an artificial saliva and there are also prescription medications available to treat dry mouth.

Taking care of your teeth and gums and regular dental visits are important when living with dry mouth. Without the cleansing effects of saliva, tooth decay and other oral health problems become more common.
There is no cure for dry mouth, or xerostomia. This common problem happens when you don't have enough saliva in the mouth. Saliva, a lubricant, is filled with chemicals that bathe the teeth, protecting them from acid-producing bacteria that can cause cavities.

Dry mouth makes it difficult to speak, chew food, and even swallow. While no cure exists, these daily treatments can help you live with dry mouth:
  • Rinsing the mouth frequently with water
  • Using special oral rinses and toothpastes for dry mouth
  • Chewing sugar-free gum or candy
See a doctor for help in treating the underlying condition causing dry mouth.

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is often a side effect of a medication and can be easily cured by discontinuing the medication or using a different dosage as directed by a doctor. However, sometimes dry mouth is caused by damage to the salivary glands, which cannot be cured or corrected. In these cases, it is best to follow at-home treatments for dry mouth.

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de effects of medication are the most common cause of dry mouth. Fortunately there are remedies for dry mouth; talk to your doctor if symptoms are severe. Learn more about preventing and treating dry mouth with expert advice from Sharecare.

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