What types of information are typically on a prescription drug label?

Prescription labels may vary from one pharmacy to another, but they typically share the following kinds of information:

- pharmacy’s name, address, and telephone number
- prescription number assigned only to that prescription
- date you are filling the prescription
- patient’s name and address
- instructions for taking the medication
- number of refills allowed or required
- expiration date
- Doctors name who prescribed medication

You may also find that some words on your prescription label have been abbreviated. Here are some common abbreviations and what they stand for. If you are not sure that you understand your medication label, do not be embarrassed: ask your pharmacist. He or she is there to assist you.

Prescription Label Abbreviations and Explanations

Qty: quantity
Rx.: prescription
No.: number
#: number
Ref.: refills
mg.: milligrams
ml.: milliliters
tab. tablet
Tbsp.: tablespoon
tsp.: teaspoon

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