What does a properly performed semen analysis include?

Sperm count/shape/motility, volume, liquefaction time, white blood cell count (normally not present in sperm), pH (acidic vs alkaline), and fructose level (energy level of the sperm) are included in a sperm analysis.

Semen analysis involves collecting a sample of semen and having a trained expert look at the number, shape and movement of the sperm. Usually two normal results mean that there are no significant fertility problems. However, men with normal sperm can still be infertile and vice versa; men with low sperm counts can be fertile.
A properly performed semen analysis evaluates several parameters including:
  • ejaculate volume;
  • sperm count;
  • sperm motility;
  • forward progression;
  • sperm morphology;
  • pH Balance
  • sperm agglutination;
  • white blood cell presence;
  • hyperviscosity;
  • sperm concentration.

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