What kinds of problems result from poor oral care and diabetes?

Everyone should practice good oral care with regular dental checkups. This is especially true for those who suffer from diabetes because a variety of different health problems may occur as a consequence of their diabetes. If you have diabetes, your body's ability to fight against bacteria is greatly diminished. This allows more plaque to build up and harden under the gums to form tartar. Problems that result from poor oral care in those with diabetes include tooth decay or cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease, fungal infections or dry mouth.

When your blood sugar level rises because of diabetes, more sugar and starches are available for plaque bacteria to convert to damaging acids. If you do not brush or floss properly, plaque acids will continue to eat away at your teeth. Because of this regular and thorough brushing and flossing is necessary to avoid tooth decay.

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When you have diabetes, your gums can become inflamed more easily. Poor oral care can also increase the risk for gingivitis. When a person has both, poor oral care and diabetes, the likelihood of getting gingivitis is even greater. Therefore, it is really important to practice meticulous home care when you have diabetes. Twice daily brushing along with daily in between teeth cleaning is essential. A product that may be very good for people with diabetes is a Water Flosser. It is clinically proven to be an easy and effective alternative to string floss. It has been tested on people with diabetes and been found to reduce bleeding and gingivitis better than tooth brushing alone.

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