How can I reduce complications after getting immediate dentures?

Follow the directions of the dentist who has done the extractions and the one who has performed the services to make and deliver your immediate denture. Take any medication as directed. It is important to leave the denture in place in the mouth for the first 24 to 48 hrs. The denture will help to control the bleeding and usually helps to minimize post-op extraction discomfort and swelling. If the denture is taken out of the mouth too soon and for too long, the tissue may swell, and the denture may not be able to be reinserted until the swelling decreases. Obviously, this significantly defeats the purpose of the immediate denture.

You may feel that the bite needs adjustment or that there are pressure spots that need to be relieved. These problems will be addressed at the post-op visit with your dentist, usually within the first 24-48 hours after extractions and denture delivery. Also, just as with any extraction, there is the possibility of post-op swelling, discomfort and bleeding. Your dentist should review these and other potential problems with you prior to treatment.

If you understand what to expect, you may come to realize that many of the things that you think are problems or complications are actually a normal part of the process of healing and adapting to the new prosthesis.
It is usually a good idea to wear the dentures for 24 hours straight after getting them. This can help stop bleeding and promote healing. Seeing your dentist the first few days after the dentures are placed for adjustments and in some cases a soft reline is also helpful.

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