How do I know if I need Cu-Sil partial dentures?

Cu-Sil dentures utilize an elastic gasket (the Cu-Sil) that surrounds the supporting teeth of a partial denture for retention of the prosthesis. It is often used with periodontally involved teeth that are loose, mobile and poor candidates for conventional clasps. Sometimes, however, this type of retention may be the only option for very questionable teeth if you are trying to retain a partial denture and postpone a full denture.

Because the teeth used for Cu-Sil retention are questionable, they may become hopeless and require extraction. Denture teeth can then be added to the denture; however, obviously when this is done, the partial becomes less secure and closer to being converted to a complete denture. Of course, when the Cu-sil denture is converted into a complete denture, it may save you the cost of a new complete denture, or, at the least, provide you with a spare denture.

The Cu-Sil itself may be somewhat difficult to maintain and keep clean, may cause some gum irritation, and may have to be periodically replaced.

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