What are dentures made of?

Complete dentures are made with a gum colored acrylic base and plastic or porcelain teeth. The base material comes in a variety of shades and characterizations. The teeth are made in a variety of quality levels and in many shapes, sizes and colors. There are times when a metal reinforcement is indicated to help minimize fracture of the denture. The reinforcement is often a chrome-cobalt alloy or stainless steel.

Partial dentures are fabricated with the same materials, except that there is often a chrome-cobalt framework for strength and retention. In all-acrylic partial dentures stainless steel clasps may be used for retention.
There are also types of flexible materials that allow for the fabrication of strong, flexible and comfortable partial dentures. Unfortunately, they are often difficult to repair and make additions of teeth. In addition to repair/ addition considerations, there are other important factors in deciding to use this type of material. Valplast is one brand, and it is a nylon resin material.
Different types of dentures may be made of slightly different materials. In general, dentures are made of acrylic resin and metal. The base of partial dentures is often made of metal covered in plastic, and teeth are made of plastic.  Metal is generally used as the underlying structural base for partial dentures. For those cases, the metal is often used in the clasps that attach the dentures to existing natural teeth.

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